Scott Christian College

College Administration

The Scott Christian College, a minority Autonomous Institution affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University is managed by the Kanniyakumari Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI)


The Scott Christian College – named after Mr. Septimus Scott, a generous foreign supporter of this institution has evolved from the educational work started by the Rev. William Tobias Ringeltaube, the first Missionary of the London Missionary Society. The School founded him in 1809 at Mylaudy, a place about 10 miles from here, was shifted to Nagercoil by Rev. Charles Mead, his successor in April 1818. In 1819, it became the Central School in the field.

It rose to the second Grade College in 1893 affiliated to the University of Madras. In 1938, when the University of Travancore was founded in the former princely State of Travancore to which this area belonged the College was admitted to its privileges.

In 1950, the institution was raised to a first Grade College providing Mathematics (B.Sc.) and History (B.A.) Degree Courses. Other majors were introduced gradually and now we have almost all subjects in the Science and Humanities sections besides Commerce, Computer Science, Physical Education and Management Studies.

Owing to the merger of this part of the country with the State of Madras in November 1956, this College was again affiliated to the University of Madras.

With the establishment of Madurai Kamaraj University in 1966 the College was affiliated to this University and since 1990 to the Manonmanium Sundaranar University. The College which is co-educational has about 2700 students and there over 186 teaching and 82 ton-teaching members of the staff. Though the college is a minority institution, it keeps its portals open to any student without any discrimination of caste or creed.

The College was shifted to the present campus during 1970-1971. The commencing of Post Graduate Courses in 1971 was a significant landmark in the history of this College and now twelve post graduate courses in arts, science and commerce subjects.

Pre-doctoral courses like M.Phil., were introduced in 1984 followed by PhD. Centres in Economics (1990), Tamil (1998), Zoology (1998), Botany (1999), Commerce (2000), English (2003), Chemistry (2004), History (2008), Physics (2010) and Mathematics (2011).

Fax, Internet and Intercom facilities were introduced in 1999. In addition, wifi and online campus portal were introduced in 2015.

We thank God for the manifold mercies.